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Formosa  Plastics

Protect Our Community

Formosa Plastics wants to build a massive plastic factory on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. James, Louisiana.


This African-American community has already been sickened by industrial polluters. The region is referred to as "Cancer Alley" or"Death Alley" by those who live and die there and a new plastic plant will pose greater risk to public health.

Louisiana is permitting Formosa to discharge toxic chemicals into the air and water, including New Orleans’ water supply.


It’s part of the fossil fuel industry’s push to turn an oversupply of fracked natural gas into more throwaway plastic. Plastic that may choke wildlife and add to the ocean plastic crisis.


We can’t let that happen.

Take Action

Take Action

Top Media Coverage

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‘This is environmental racism’_ activist

Get the Facts

Get the Facts

Formosa's Bad Track Record

Formosa, a multi-billion-dollar Taiwanese corporation, has damaged communities and ecosystems around the world. From Illinois to Vietnam to Texas, incidents at company facilities have killed people, poisoned waterways, and left a trail of plastic pellets.


Formosa Plastics can’t be allowed to pollute the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. Formosa is getting $1.4 billion in tax breaks for its new plastic plant. And we can’t let them build a project that would spew more air pollution than three coal plants.  

Images of Formosa Plastics Pollution 


These images are available for use with news articles or social media posts, courtesy of Louisiana Bucket Brigade and the Center for Biological Diversity.

Organizations working to stop Formosa Plastics include:

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